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Dearest Clientele,
Thank you for your steadfast loyalty. In a world filled with uncertainty, your consistent support has been vital to our survival. We remain hyper-attuned to the science and data attempting to prevent the virus’ spread through our community. The experts have identified outdoor interaction as a low-risk activity. Here at Italian Colors we are taking every precaution to create a safe dining environment on our patio.

What we are doing:
- Checking every staff member’s temperature upon their arrival to work
- Providing masks, gloves, and face shields
- Designating one individual to handle clean plates and another to handle used plates
- Sanitizing surfaces with alcohol (95%) and bleach
- Providing single-use menus
- Practicing social distancing, i.e. providing ample space between tables
- Maintaining separate bathrooms for customers and staff
- Sanitizing the customer-bathroom between each use

We take this responsibility very seriously and will continue to monitor expert recommendations and implement enhanced practices as necessary. However, none of these precautions will make a difference if our clientele does not actively participate in them as well.

What you as a diner will be doing:
- If you are experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19 or have been exposed to someone who has tested positive, please stay home
- Upon your arrival to our restaurant, you will have a reservation and a face mask affixed from the top of your nose to your chin
- You will check in with the host on the left side of the restaurant (if you are facing the restaurant), they will check your temperature with a touch-free device, you will sanitize your hands, and then you will be escorted to your table
- When you get to your table you will receive a disposable menu; you are welcome to take off your face mask
- Please refrain from mingling with other tables
- If you need to use the restroom, the use of a mask is required
- Be kind 😊